Report: They’re Trying to Boot Ivanka From the White House … “The Knives Are Out”


The Trump White House is going through a shaking period.

And it’s reached as far at the president beloved daughter, Ivanka, considered by many to be his most trusted adviser.

According to numerous news outlets, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly wants Ivanka and her husband, Jared Kushner, ousted from the administration.

Kushner last week had his security credentials downgraded.

The New York Times reported that Trump quietly told Kelly that he could prod both Jared and Ivanka and resign their White House positions.

However, publicly, the president continues to praise Jared and Ivanka, and to insist that he wants them by his side.

The Hill and the UK’s Daily Mail both reported that neither Jared nor Ivanka have any intention of leaving.

But, as one White House official told The Jerusalem Post, “the knives are out,” and if the Trump Administration is to move forward and tackle real issues, the two Trump favorites will likely have to step aside.

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