They’re Calling Trump ‘One of the Smartest Presidents Ever.’ Do YOU Agree?


This is absolutely going to have liberal heads exploding.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has laid out solid evidence suggesting Donald Trump might be one of the smartest men to ever server as President of the United States.

After serving for months on Trump’s election campaign, Gingrich has published a book titled Understanding Trump.

Far too many Americans have been taken in by CNN soundbites that misrepresent who Trump really is, and Gingrich wants to set the record straight.

In an interview with Breitbart about the book, Gingrich described the two sides of Trump:

On the one hand there’s the “very pugnacious, risk-taking, live in the moment kind of guy, very existential. He’s the one who tweets. Then there’s this very serious, long-term, thoughtful, disciplined guy. I don’t know if he’s a Gemini, I think he is a Gemini. There’s a sense of twins who occupy this guy, and I think there’s a lot of stories in here that people will find very interesting.”

But what’s really going to get liberals is Gingrich’s description of Trump as “one of three or four smartest people ever to be president.”

“I think he’s in the same league as someone like Lincoln or Theodore Roosevelt … I also think he’s one of the most energetic since Roosevelt, which is why you get these tweets at five in the morning, when he wakes up he has too much energy. I think also he has an instinct for disruption comparable to Andrew Jackson… He is constantly looking for ways to fix things, to change things, to breakthrough.”

Do you agree?

Could Trump find a place among the most legendary of American presidents?

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