They’re Calling Her a ‘Hero’


They say that some people just want to watch the world burn.

Well, “they” tend to ignore the much larger group of folks who want to watch the world flourish, and work quietly, humbly to make it so.

One 50-year-old New York woman is being recognized as such after she was spotted clearing flood water from a local expressway with nothing but a traffic cone.

The Gothamist reports:

Daphne Youree had just picked her cat up from the veterinarian’s office last week when she started driving down the Long Island Expressway.

To her shock, she found that the highway had been flooded due to a recent storm. When she and her fellow motorists realized that there was no way for them to drive through the floodwaters, they all parked their cars and watched in helplessness.

Youree says she got out of her car and heard a group of guys standing around talking about how someone needed to do something.

She was that someone, and there was only one thing to do.

Rather than stand around and talk about, Youree waded into the water and discovered that the flood drains had been blocked by dirt and debris.

So she got to work clearing it.

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When local news reported on Twitter that the expressway was blocked due to flooding, Youree soon responded the she had handled the problem.

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New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson immediately let Youree know what he thought of her:

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