They Got Him! The Guy Vandalizing Black Churches. And You Won’t Believe WHO It Is!


It was supposed to be yet another example of white supremacy run amok, of minorities continuing to suffer in a racist America.

Democrats and their media allies were poised to once again slam caucasian Americans, and to somehow blame the entire thing on President Trump.

And then, it turned out the guy vandalizing all those predominantly African-American churches in New Jersey was himself a black man.

How very disappointing.

The Daily Caller reports:

Police have arrested a suspect in Morristown, New Jersey for allegedly vandalizing five different predominantly African-American churches.

Zuri C. Towns, who is black himself, was arrested Sunday for the vandalism and charged with several counts of criminal mischief. He reportedly previously attended one of the churches he vandalized.

Days earlier, New Jersey’s Democratic Governor-elect Phil Murphy denounced the “cowardly acts” using language that strongly suggested the entire affair was a racially-motivated hate crime.

The sad reality is that racial tension is being exploited to enable witch hunts that is only going to serve ultimately to enflame real racism.

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