They Found the Videos – His Career is Over


Sexual harassment is the new hysteria gripping America, and none other than former Vice President Joe Biden has found himself firmly in the spotlight.

A series of videos being rediscovered by those who would prefer to ignore Democratic misdeeds clearly show Biden has a problem keeping his hands to himself.

Even when presented with little girls under 10 years of age.

And that is now the primary reason Biden will never be president.

Only just recently, Biden launched what seemed to be the start of a campaign to obtain the Democratic nomination for president in the 2020 election.

He very publicly told Oprah that he regretted not running in 2016, and most assumed he’s remedy that mistake in the next election cycle.

At first, a lot of Democrats were thrilled by the news. Many felt Biden could pose a serious challenge to Trump’s reelection.

And then, Harvey Weinstein happened, and Hollywood began crumbling under the weight of its own hypocrisy.

And then, everyone remembered about Biden’s inappropriate handling of women.

So, now, even leading Democratic rags are insisting Biden not be given the shot he so desperately desires.

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From the Huffington Post:

Biden is the wrong guy to bear the standard of any party purporting to speak for the victims of unaccountable power.

His behavior also had more patronizing undercurrents. A big part of his act was remarking on the attractiveness of women, young and old. He would comment on how pretty young women were and warn their fathers to keep the guys away.

But it’s clear some people were uncomfortable.

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The teenage daughter of Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.), for example, visibly cringed and pulled away when Biden whispered in her ear and kissed her on the head.

Yeah, we agree, HuffPost, that creep should never again set foot in the White House.

Too bad you liberals thought it was a good idea to ever let him do so.

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