These Welfare Payout Stats Will Have You Furious


There’s an elephant in the room every single time a Conservative and a Liberal are together. There are so many aspects to politics that the two groups disagree on, but one major issue that must be addressed is that of welfare.

America has a big problem these days, and that problem is our Welfare system. Hard working Americans are struggling to even put food on their tables because they are stuck paying taxes that go right to people who would rather sit on their rear ends than work for a living.

While the welfare system in our country was put into place in order to help those who could not work, there are far too many able-bodied adults taking advantage of the system to feed their own lazy lifestyles.

Cato Institute conducted a study that determined that benefits for welfare in the United States actually payout more than a full time job that pays minimum wage in at least 35 of the 50 states in our country.

Are you angry yet?

Let’s SHARE this as a WILD fire … let’s get this to our president Trump! He’s the only one that can really CHANGE this sick system and drain the SWAMP!

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