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‘These Two Aren’t Fooling Anyone’: Megyn Kelly Shares New Poll Showing Plummeting Popularity For Meghan And Harry


Megyn Kelly said Meghan Markle and Prince Harry “aren’t fooling anyone” as she shared a poll showing the royal couple’s plummeting popularity after tell-all interview.

“After Oprah interview, only 3 in 10 [people] see Meghan Markle favorably [and] more [people] dislike Harry than like him – a new low for both of them,” Kelly tweeted Friday, along with a poll showing the duchess and duke’s popularity has dropped in the United Kingdom.

“These two aren’t fooling anyone, and no one feels sorry for them,” she added.

A new YouGov poll found that 45% of British respondents have a positive opinion of Prince Harry compared to 48% who had a negative one. That is a 15-point drop for the member of the royal family compared to a previou… (Read more)

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