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These Idiots love Socialism so much they are clueless and what it is [hilarious Video]


A new video from Campus Reform exposes how clueless are students of socialism even though they support it.

According to a blog post on Campus Reform’s website, 53% of Americans younger than 35 are “dissatisfied with our nation’s current economic system and think socialism would be good for the country.” (This is Scary).

Interestingly enough, that same poll also found that, as Campus Reform puts it, “many millennials are unfamiliar with historical figures often associated with socialism, such as Che Guevara, Joseph Stalin and Karl Marx.”

When put on display in the real world, that lack of knowledge makes for quite an entertaining view.
“I think people kind of throw that word around to scare you,” said one student on socialism in Campus Reform’s video. “But if helping people is socialism then I’m for it.”

When asked to define socialism, that same girl stated, “honestly, that definition gets thrown around a lot… I’m not exactly sure.”

Another man who had, just moments prior stated, “socialism, as a philosophy is good,” recanted his thoughts, admitting, “hmm… so… lemme think about that for a second.”

“Uh,” said another proponent of socialism in the video. “Specifically just… y’know, getting rid of that wealth gap in the United States.”


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