These are the NFL Players Who Disrespected the Flag Yesterday


Despite what you might be hearing, the shameful disrespecting of the American flag by NFL players continues.

On Sunday, players across the league continued to kneel or sit down during the National Anthem, for a variety of stated reasons.

Some say they’re protesting supposed police brutality against blacks, others that it’s a demonstration against President Trump. Many probably don’t really know why they’re doing it. They’re just trying to stay current!

At any rate, here’s the list of players who decided to be unpatriotic this week, via Dennis Michael Lynch:

According to the Associated Press, at least 15 players were involved in some level of protest.

In a game versus the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid, linebacker Eli Harold and receiver Marquise Goodwin kneeled during the anthem.

Reportedly, six active players and at least one inactive player for the Seattle Seahawks sat for the anthem.  The Seahawks played the Washington Redskins. The majority of the Seahawks defensive line has been sitting during the anthem for most of the season. Newly acquired left tackle Duane Brown knelt.

Philadelphia Eagles safeties Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod raised their fists during the anthem. Defensive end Chris Long put an arm on Jenkins. Giants injured defensive end Oliver Vernon took a knee.

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews stayed off the field during the anthem.

This doesn’t bode well for the NFL.

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Surpassing the intensity of the flag protests has been the fan backlash.

There are empty seats at nearly every game these days, television ratings during NFL games are down BIG TIME, and major sponsors are threatening to pull advertising.

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