There’s One Gun Law That Might Work, But Dems Will Never Allow It


Want evidence that Democratic leaders don’t really care about the safety of our children as much as they put on in the wake of school shootings?

Well, there are some ways to implement gun laws that could work, but Democrats will never allow them. For these hypocrites, it’s all or nothing, because their true agenda is to bring down the Republicans.

Joel Pollak laid it out over at Breitbart:

One can understand the desire to do something — anything — to prevent another terrible event, but once again it is unclear what law or regulation would stop mass shootings.

There is one possibility, but the left will not allow us to try it: namely, allowing teachers to carry guns.

Last year, five largely rural California school districts adopted policies to allow teachers with concealed carry permits to bring their weapons on campus, so that they could respond to any active shooting situation that might arise, and — more likely — deter one from happening.

In response, the Democrat-dominated California legislature passed, and Governor Jerry Brown signed, a law to “delete the authority of a school district superintendent, his or her designee, or equivalent school authority to provide written permission for a person to possess a firearm within a school zone.”

It’s not that every teacher should be armed. Many lack the training or desire to use a gun effectively.

But those who are trained and are willing should absolutely be permitted to bring guns on school grounds.

After all, how is every school shooting incident eventually concluded? With armed men (the police) showing up and putting an end to the massacre.

Imagine if armed teachers were permitted to do that in a fraction of the time?

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