The Whole Internet is Talking About What Happened to CNN’s Jim Acosta at WH Press Briefing


“This is an amazing moment…”

The mainstream media thugs passing themselves off as journalists have had a rough time of it at the Trump White House.

But never has a reporter had the smirk wiped off his face as fast as CNN’s Jim Acosta when he tried to ambush White House Advisor Stephen Miller over Trump’s immigration policies.

Any American at least somewhat familiar with our history knew from the get-go that Acosta was twisting the facts to fit his own narrative.

And any person anywhere with any sense whatsoever knew that Acosta’s logic was, well, anything but logical.

And boy, oh boy, Miller was not about to let him get away with it.

But Jim Acosta, being Jim Acosta, “just kept talking, which turned out to be a mistake,” as Tucker Carlson humorously recapped:

Fox’s Greg Gutfeld also stuck it to Acosta:

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Miller later said he hadn’t heard from Acosta at all in the week following that epic beatdown.

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