The War on The Bible


This is CRAZY…Less than half of US hotel rooms now have Bibles.

There is a war against the Bible in America.

According to a new study by hospitality analytics group STR, the percentage of hotels that offer religious materials in rooms has dropped by almost half in the last decade– from 95 percent of  in 2006 to just 48 percent this year.

“It’s because the religious books don’t fit the personality of the brands,” Marriott spokeswoman Felicia Farrar McLemore told the Los Angeles Times when speaking about two brand property openings in Los Angeles this year.

The casual Bible placement has also declined to avoid offending guests of other faiths, say industry experts.

“The decline of religious materials in hotels, as cited in the survey, is reflective of increasing secularism and independence in the world,” said Jeff Pack, the Director of Communications for Gideon International, the nonprofit group that distributes Bibles in hotels across the country to the Time.

“This has resulted in an erosion of spiritual awareness.”

The trend toward removing religious materials from hotel rooms has not affected at least one big notable brand.

Rooms in the tew Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. come equipped with a Gideon Bible in the nightstand. The property also keeps several other religious texts on hand available upon request.

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