The War Continues, NFL Team Owner Encourages His Players To Kneel During Anthem


The Atlanta Falcons are going to have some angry patriots boycotting their games.

Falcons owner said he encourages his players to kneel and exercise their rights.

From apnews.com

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP) — Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank believes players should have the right to speak out on important issues even though he isn’t expecting his players to protest during the national anthem this season.

Flank says just like last season, Falcons players have been asked to stand for the national anthem.

He said the Falcons are “very committed to the military.” He also says he believes players have “very significant rights” and appeared to say he wouldn’t fine players for exercising those rights.

Blank said players should be allowed to make their own decisions on what he described as the “complex issue” of standing or kneeling for the national anthem.

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