The Vote is In – They are Stripping Trump of Power


The Democrat-led House of Representatives have planted their flag in the ground.

They are now going beyond verbal trashing of President Trump, and actively stripping him of executive powers.

Trump, like many presidents before him, was about to exercise his executive right to declare a national emergency to get done something that the American people want done – build a border wall between us and Mexico.

It’s not an unprecedented move.

But Democrats were having none of it. And now that they’ve got the votes in Congress, they have blocked Trump from doing something that OUR votes gave him the right to do.

They are subverting the will of the people!

From NBC:

The House passed a resolution Tuesday evening that would terminate President Donald Trump’s declaration of a national emergency, voting 245-182.

What’s really sad is that 13 House Republicans joined the Democrats in blocking Trump.

Now, this bill must also be passed by the Senate, where the vote will be much closer, and even then can still be vetoed by Trump himself.

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Still, for it to go so far in the first place shows just how out of touch Democratic leaders are with the American public.

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