‘The View’ Hosts Claim Trump Is Mentally ‘Unstable’ – Get A RUDE Wakeup Call


The women of the struggling ABC talk show The View have been whining about Donald Trump ever since he first announced plans to run for president. On Tuesday morning, however, they took things way too far when they called into question Trump’s mental state.

Mediaite reported that it started when Whoopi Goldberg said the Trump team is “bringing in something we haven’t seen in a long time,” and Behar immediately quipped, “Mental illness.”

Conservative host Jedediah Bila tried to defend Trump, saying we need to have hope for his presidency.

Behar, however, refused to listen and proved what an ignorant conspiracy theorist she is by citing the Electoral College in saying there’s still ways we can stop him.

Behar argued that Trump is “not right in the head,” and that at least the Obamas are “mentally stable.”

“Donald Trump has never appeared stable to me,” Behar concluded with no evidence to support any of her ludicrous claims.

Unfortunately for Behar and her liberal cronies, nobody gives a hoot what they think about politics.

This is proven by the fact that ratings for The View have plummeted since the women made it clear they will continue to attack Trump on a daily basis.

What do you think about this?

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