The View Gets A Surprise Visit From Diamond And Silk … This is Hilarious! [VIDEO]


Diamond and Silk are President Trump’s No.1 followers. They are brutally honest and hilarious.

They are using their videos which rely completely on pro-Trump comments. These people never utilize vulgarity or threats and videos are usually G-rated. (Well, okay, several of their movies are PG-13).

However, their videos have millions of visits. They have this kind of effect on liberals that Youtube lately opted to pull 95% of their income.

Conservative Trump followers Lynnette Hardway as well as Rochelle Richardson of North Carolina, know they are never going to to have an invitation from The View, so, simply by using a few effects, Diamond and Silk are determined to make a shock visit to The View hosts and provide them a piece of their mind.

The result is amazing!


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