The UN is on Its Hands and Knees Begging, and All Trump Can Do is Laugh


Remember about a year ago when the United Nations boasted that it could weather President Trump’s threatened budget cuts by just getting other nations to increase their donations?

Didn’t quite work out that way.

In August, Trump cut off American aid to UNRWA, the UN agency that caters exclusively to “Palestinian refugees.”

UNRWA officials slammed Trump for the move, but also brushed it off as essentially “no big deal,” since country’s more sympathetic to the anti-Israel Palestinian agenda would step into the gap.

Fast forward four months and UNRWA is begging donor states to cough up an additional $350 million in 2019. Even that’s not enough to make up for the lost American funding, but UNRWA officials said they had to be “realistic.”

Too bad they didn’t bother being more realistic prior to pissing off Trump with their blatant encouragement of and support for terrorist groups that want to destroy Israel.

Via Israel National News

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