Video: The suspect found out the Hard Way why you don’t Mess with Mom and her Baby in the Car…


BREMERTON, WA – A scary situation was caught on camera.

A man was arrested on Wednesday after police said he tried to steal a silver truck with a toddler inside, all while the child’s mother was clinging to the vehicle, trying to stop him.

She was getting ready to leave a home when she noticed a man get inside her truck.

The mom tried to pull him out but he slapped and hit her.

She stood on the truck’s running board and weaved her arm in the steering wheel, KOMO reported.

Authorities said he threatened to kill them as he tried to drive away, but crashed into a concrete retaining wall with the woman clinging to the side of the truck.

He took off, but police took him into custody after a long, wild chase.

The man charged in the incident, Da’Shawn Eugene Jackson, told police he had been smoking spice, which is a synthetic marijuana, KOMO said.

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