The Supreme Court Just Confirmed It! Trump Wins!


Democrats and liberals have tried literally everything to hinder the implementation of President Trump’s policies.

And, in so doing, they’ve proved how little they actually value American democracy, given that the voting public put Trump in office to implement those policies.

Fortunately, the liberal maneuvering is starting to fall apart, and we might see Trump actually able to govern without having to waste most of his time trying to untie his own hands.

The Supreme Court just handed Trump a huge gift in that regard by tossing out all remaining challenges to his “Muslim” travel ban.

The Hill reports:

The court issued an order dismissing the lawsuit brought by the state of Hawaii challenging the 90-day travel ban on nationals from six majority-Muslim countries and the 120-day halt on the U.S. refugee resettlement program, claiming the case is now moot.

Because the 90-day ban expired on Sept. 24 and the 120-day ban expired on Tuesday, the court said there is no longer a “live case or controversy.”

The Supreme Court had already largely ruled in Trump’s favor.

Yes, the cases were thrown out because the travel ban has now expired, and, yes, the judges refused to actually rule on the merits.

But there are a few important points to keep in mind.

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By failing to actually rule, the court did not endorse the merits of the challenges to Trump’s policies, and might be reluctant to take up the same cases again in the future.

Had they ruled in favor of the challenges, even after the ban had expired, the ruling itself would have set precedent prevention Trump from implementing similar policies in the future.

The court refused to do so.

Even though it’s quite clear that Trump’s travel ban is going to need to be extended or repeated.

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