The SHOCKING Reason South Korea REFUSES to Take Muslim Refugees


South Korea is REFUSING to take any Muslim refugees from Syria, and it’s not the only Asian country doing so.

The reason for the policy is simple, and really quite logical. Sadly, it’s the kind of logic that escapes liberals in America.

South Korea’s Ministry of Justice told The Korea Observer that the reason the country has admitted a mere THREE Syrian refugees since 2014 is that Syria’s civil war is not sufficient grounds for refugee status.

“Most of the Syrians have sought asylum on the grounds of civil war,” the ministry said.

“However, civil war is not sufficient grounds for granting refugee status.”

And then came the real kicker.

“Judging by what we see in Europe, we would prefer to protect our women, rather than potentially place them at risk.”

There is growing awareness that unchecked Muslim immigration leads to sharp increases in crime, especially violent sexual assault.

Anyone in doubt need only look at Europe. Which is precisely what the Koreans did.

H/T Norwegian Defence League

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