INCREDIBLE! Here’s the Secret to Houdini’s Amazing Escapes


For nearly a century, master illusionist Harry Houdini’s greatest tricks have remained tightly guarded secrets.

Now, 90 years after his death, a museum in Houdini’s native Hungry is revealing just how he managed those amazing escapes.

Houdini is still regarded as the greatest escape artist in history. But first and foremost, he was master showman.

“I had an urge to pay tribute to Houdini,” said museum owner David Merlini.

Merlini dedicated his life to collecting all the items appearing in the museum.

The items, along with Merlini and a staff researcher, are on hand to explain to visitors just how Houdini pulled off his shocking stunts.

Houdini’s Bible

But the centerpiece of the collection is not a pair of handcuffs or a straightjacket, which Houdini was famous for escaping.

It is Houdini’s Bible.

The first page still bears Houdini’s signature, put there when he was just 19-year-old Ehrlich Weisz (his birth name).

Interestingly, though Houdini was Jewish, his Bible included both Old and New Testaments.

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