The Ratings Are In For Sunday’s Trump-Bashing Grammys, and They’re Bad. Real Bad.


It was another massive failure for liberal anti-Trump celebrities.

As has become the trend with all major award shows, the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in New York City on Sunday evening became a platform for unchecked bashing of President Trump.

One after another, the biggest names in music took to the stage and tore into our elected leader.

The hosts, emcees, and special guests like Hillary Clinton all did the same. In fact, Hillary was invited for specifically that purpose.

What these geniuses fail to remember is that millions of Americans voted for Trump, nearly half the voting public.

By attacking the president, they are alienating a massive portion of their potential market.

And that was evident in the ratings for this year’s Grammy Awards show, which revealed a whopping 23 percent drop in viewership compared to 2017.

Over five million fewer people decided to tune in to the Grammys this year.

And, why should they? Folks who voted for Trump aren’t going to voluntarily watch a ceremony that’s almost wholly dedicated to smearing their political choices.

Source: Deadline

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