‘The People’s Convoy’ Draws Thousands Near Indianapolis As It Barrels Toward Biden’s Doorstep


Thousands of people from all across the United States gathered in Monrovia, Indiana, on March 2 to show support of ‘The People’s Convoy,’ which consists largely of truckers who were inspired by the anti-mandate protests in Canada.

The major U. S. convoys were organized by 30 individuals, with the most well-known convoy starting in Adelanto Stadium, California, on Feb. 23.

Anthony Cabassa, a journalist from El American, interviewed one of the organizers, Brian Brase, on Feb 28. Brase said that “almost all of [the convoys] are joining us along the route” as they travel toward Washington, D. C.

The following flyer was released promoting an event the night of March 2nd in the area:

The convoy consisted not only of truckers but thousands of … (Read more)

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