The Numbers are In for Jimmy Kimmel’s Stupid Oscars Performance, and Boy are They Bad


It would probably be a good idea to NOT have Jimmy Kimmel host the Oscars ever again.

That is if the Academy Awards wants to have any viewers at all in the future.

Kimmel, who of late is famous for little more than relentlessly bashing President Trump, claimed he wanted to keep this year’s Oscars “positive” in tone.

It didn’t work.

The 2018 Academy Awards were just as politically-charged as ever, and just as antagonistic toward Trump.

Americans responded by not turning on their televisions.

Fox News reported that viewership was down a whopping 20 percent from 2017, with just 26.5 million viewers.

It was the first time since Nielsen started keeping track of ratings in 1974 that the Oscars have drawn fewer than 30 million viewers.

When is Hollywood going to get the message that we just don’t care about their political views?

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