The New York Times Report Is Bad News For Biden: More than 60 Percent of Latinos favor Trump [Opinion]


Opinion | Earlier this month, Joe Biden, held an event in Florida aimed at garnering support from Hispanic Americans.

The event made national headlines.  Not for its success, but for this hilarious Biden ‘gaff.’ 

Biden played “despacito”. The internet went crazy once they found out that part of the lyrics to the Spanish language song includes a verse that translates to ‘I want to breathe your neck slowly.’

According to Breitbart ‘only about 25 percent of Latinos identify with Joe Biden’s politics, while more than 60 percent of Latinos favor Donald Trump, according to a September 18 report in the New York Times.

The reality is that more than one study has shown that Latinos tell pollers that, while they favor immigration, however,  they strongly prefer border security, oppose welfare for migrants and think employers should hire Americans before importing foreign labor.

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