The New Face of ISIS is a 10-Year-Old AMERICAN Child. Yes, Really.


This is exactly the kind of thing President Trump warned about and that his immigration restrictions would have prevented, had liberals not blocked them at every opportunity.

This child was born to a woman who should have never been allowed entry to the United States.

I’m sure ISIS was just thrilled to finally have an AMERICAN child to feature in their propaganda.

The boy in question, identified as Yusuf, was born to an Arab mother and, according to him, an American father who served in the military.

Two years ago, Yusuf’s mother took him and moved to Syria with the intent of joining ISIS. Now that Yusuf’s old enough, he’s become the new face of the jihadist horde.

In the video, Yusuf calls America the “land of unbelief.” He also threatens President Trump personally and vows that ISIS will one day conquer America.

The boy’s remarks, translated by MEMRI:

“My message to Trump, the puppet of the Jews, Allah has promised us victory and promised you defeat. This battle is not going to end in Raqqa or Mosul, it’s going to end in your lands. By the will of Allah, we will have victory, so get ready for the fighting has just begun.”

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I suggest we take the threat seriously, and consider that there might be more like Yusuf already living among us.

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