The Nation’s Three Wealthiest Democrats Just Gave Trump The Shock Of His Life


American billionaires Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Charlie Munger just gave Donald Trump the surprise of his life while appearing on Fox News, and their fellow liberals are already furious about it!

The country’s three richest Democrats just went on live television to give Trump their full support as president. During their interview, they offered their opinions on Trump and gave him some “tips” of their own.

“I would certainly say to him [Trump] the same thing I would say to any other president—that their most important job is to protect us from weapons of mass destruction and that they are the most important person in the world, to put the emphasis on that,” Buffet said.

“I am a great admirer of the Trump change of mind about China and making an ally out of China instead of screaming about their trade,” added Munger.

Gates took things a step further and offered to advise Trump personally.

“Whether it’s research, making sure that pandemics don’t come to get us and helping other countries … I’d make sure he knew all about it,” Gates said.

Democrats are constantly saying that these three men are “geniuses,” yet they are unwilling to admit that they actually are supporting Trump. SHARE this story so we can SPREAD THIS!

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