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These southern badasses take time out of their busy day to show you how to turn an ordinary shotgun shell into a super deadly “poor man’s slug.” [scroll down for video]

Bull Busters, Buck Busters, Poor Man’s Slug, Ringers. No matter the nomenclature utilized, all these colloquialisms refer to a method of shotgun shell transformation we’re going to call “cut shells”, shotgun shells which have survival tricks been cut around the circumference of the outer hull.

When these sliced shells are fired, they turn the shotgun shell itself (typically filled with birdshot) into a de facto “slug”.

A neat idea, yes; but why would someone do this? The concept of the cut shell has been around for a very, very long time. My grandfather told me about when he was growing up in the Adirondack Mountains during the Great Depression, they couldn’t afford multiple guns and ammunition.

My grandfather bagged his first deer with a cut shotgun shell, and many other critters fell to him and that old shotgun using the same method. It was effective and inexpensive – two qualities that worked well in a poor region at a poor time.

And of course, this translates well into the emergency prepper mindset. Made do with all you have – and if all you have is a handful of #6 birdshot, this is a way of turning a less-than-lethal wounding hit with birdshot hit into a decisive, clean kill.

This video is beyond awesome but I would be lying if I said I was brave enough to be the first of my buddies test it out, are you that guy?

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