The Mainstream Media Has Gone Too Far in Its Latest Attack on Trump


It’s certainly no secret by now that the liberal mainstream media has it out for President Trump. They’ve all but admitted that they’re just waiting around for him to slip up, real news be damned.

The problem for them is that as much as they like to paint Trump as a buffoon, he’s actually not. As such, there’s not all that much for them to use with which to smear him.

So, what do they do? When the truth fails, invent a scandal!

That’s what CNN and the rest were up to on Monday, sinking to a new pathetic low in their ceaseless quest to besmirch the president.

Trump what in the midst of a fairly unique photo-op with his host, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, when he appeared to suddenly tire of feeding the fish and boorishly dumped his entire box of fish food into a precious koi pond.

At least, that’s the way CNN portrayed the situation both in its headline and accompanying video.

“Trump feeds fish, winds up pouring entire box of food into koi pond,” screamed a headline with a sole purpose – to make our president look like a childish fool.

The CNN video zoomed in on Trump just at the right moment to make it look as though he’d gotten bored of spooning food to these expensive fish, and had simply dumped the rest in, irregardless of any offense he might’ve caused by doing so.

Feeding off that perception, shrill liberal online rag Jezebel headlined its report: “Big Stupid Baby Dumps Load of Fish Food on Japanese Koi Pond”

Numerous other mainstream outlets also focused on Trump’s seeming lack of patience or appreciation for Japanese culture.

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Now, CNN did actually admit the truth of the matter, but only further down in the text of its report. Other outlets ignored it altogether.

And that truth is that Abe had dumped his entire box of fish food into the pond BEFORE Trump, who it turns out was just following the example of his host.

That changes the story entirely. In fact, it makes it a non-story.

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Once again, fake news isn’t only about inventing things that never happened. It’s about ignoring the truth, or grossly misrepresenting something that did happen.

By that definition, what CNN and the others engaged in on Monday is a classic example.

Source: Washington Post

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