The Internet is LOSING IT Over What Barron Trump Took Aboard AF1


First Lady Melania Trump and her son, Barron, traveled to Washington this week to finally become official residents of the White House.

They had remained in New York after President Trump’s surprise electoral victory so that Barron could finish out the school year.

So, of course the media was watching every single moment of the short trip to find something, anything with which to smear the First Family.

Having come up with very little, apparently, they latched on to what Barron was spotted holding in his hand as he deplaned in Washington, DC.

That, folks, is a humble fidget spinner. A tiny gadget that, quite honestly, you’d be surprised to NOT see your average American teen holding these days.

But when Barron Trump has one, well, that’s cause for an uproar!

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Do liberals honestly have nothing better to do?

H/T Independent Journal Review

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