The HORRIFYING Reason America’s ‘Frankenchickens’ Are Washed With Chlorine Before Reaching Supermarket Shelves


Fair warning – you may never want to eat a chicken purchased at the grocery store or from a fast food restaurant again after reading this report.

British lawmakers are currently in heated debate over a proposal to start importing chickens from the US.

The deal became necessary after the UK pulled out of the European Union and began looking to boost its trade with America.

But the fact that American chickens must be washed with chlorine and other disinfectants before being consumed quickly raised major concerns.

The Daily Mail reported:

Unlike in the UK and Europe, there are no minimum space requirements for breeding chickens in the US. America also does not have any rules governing lighting levels in the sheds and, crucially, its farms have no maximum allowed level of ammonia, which indicates how much urine and faecal matter is present. This means there is no limit on how much can fester inside the sheds.

There is no legal requirement to wash US chickens in chlorine or other disinfectants, but 97 per cent of its birds are cleaned in this way after slaughter.

The reason for this deplorable situation is an economic issue many are hoping President Trump can help sort out.

Nearly all America’s chicken farmers are under contract with big producers who supply them with chicks, feed and equipment. The firms dictate what the farmers can do and are paid according to a ‘tournament system’ that pits farmers against each other. The farmer who produces the most meat with the least feed comes top. A less efficient farmer will have money deducted from his base pay.

Critics say this system fosters unhygienic practices because it forces poultry farmers to cut corners on animal welfare to maximise their income per flock. Campaigners who work with farmers to improve standards say many are too scared to speak out for fear of having their contracts terminated.

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It should be stressed that the chicken meat produced by these farms is perfectly safe for consumption.

However, the process of disinfecting the birds after slaughter certainly means the meat isn’t as fresh or tasty as that produced under more reasonable conditions at farms in Europe.

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