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The Great Israel-Iran War Has Begun…Or Has It?


Many will see in the Middle East situation today a fulfillment of the prophetic.

Indeed, the region appears to be on the brink of the kind of “end times” war described in several books of the Bible.

For the past couple of years already, Israel and Iranian forces entrenched in neighboring Syria have been playing a game of tit-for-tat.

But that can only last so long, and Israel’s top military and political leaders are warning that a major war, perhaps THE major war, could break out at any moment.

Some argue that it already has.

Noted Israeli columnist Ruthie Blum wrote:

“It would be a grave mistake to dismiss [Iran’s] saber-rattling, given the Iranian regime’s stated intention and increasingly overt attempts to annihilate Israel, even at its own potential peril. Rather than looking the other way, at best—or, worse, condemning Israel at international forums—the world should be thanking the Jewish state for doing its dirty work. The inevitable war against Iran should have been fought by America decades ago. Today, it is up to the IDF.”

Indeed, many are now convinced that recent attacks by Iran and its proxies are the opening shots in a war that could transform the Middle East, and possibly the world.

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