The FISA Memo Will Shake Democrats and the Communist Movement to Their Core


Congressman Jeff Duncan (R-SC) says the FISA memo that President Trump has promised to make public today “will shake the FBI to its core.”

This should surprise no one.  It is the reason that Democrats and the mainstream media are desperate to keep it from the public.

While it will expose the FBI and the Department of Justice’s roles in hiding Hillary Clinton’s crimes and the Obama administration’s illegal spying on political opponents, that will only be the beginning.

Once the memo forces an investigation – possibly with the appointment of a special counsel – it will also trigger questions about other questionable actions and decisions made by both agencies during the eight years that Obama was president and while Hillary served herself as Secretary of State.

These Democrats rose to power as bought and paid for representatives of the corporations and billionaires seeking to establish a single world government under their control.  Now, the army they built in support of the Marxist’s anti-American agenda is facing destruction.

Their time is OVER!

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