Breaking: The FBI and DOJ Were Just Ripped Apart


The Daily Caller editor-in-chief just ripped apart the Department of Justice and the FBI for their roles in the Trump campaign spy operation.

As reported by (Scroll down for video)

The Daily Caller News Foundation Editor-in-Chief Chris Bedford in an interview Monday morning blasted the FBI and DOJ for allowing a top-secret CIA and FBI source to spy on two campaign advisers for President Donald Trump.

Bedford’s comments come as news broke Friday the informant is said to be Cambridge University Professor Stefan Halper, who reportedly contacted Trump advisers Carter Page, George Papadopoulos and Sam Clovis during the 2016 campaign, as an informant for the CIA and FBI.

On Fox Business News’ “Mornings With Maria,” Bedford called out Halper for spying on the Trump campaign, mentioning Halper was not just an informant; he was someone “searching for questions” and even invited Page to his Virginia farm.

“What’s interesting about that is he seems to have done more than simply inform; he wasn’t somebody [who] was quietly present and then said, ‘you know, I saw some suspicious activity.’ He reached out to Carter Page; he reached out to George Papadopoulos; he asked searching questions; he invited them back to his farm. He wasn’t just a fly on the wall; he was someone [who] went out there fishing,” Bedford said.


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