The Chinese Created These Nicknames for Trump & They’re Driving Liberals Crazy


After seeing the video of President Trump’s granddaughter speaking and singing in Mandarin, it’s easy to see how the Chinese could be such big fans of her. But she isn’t the only one that the Chinese are showing praise to. As it turns out, the Chinese are big fans of President Donald Trump himself as well! Chinese people usually seem to respect strong people, and Trump is definitely strong.

The New York Times reported that the Chinese are calling our Commander in Chief “Donald the Strong.” They have been expressing praise for him and his family, and they are impressed with his tweets. An online fan club for Trump has even been created.

In America, however, our President is faced every single day with a mainstream media who is totally against him. He is slapped with unjust damaging investigations and has been seeing his approval ratings fall.

President Trump arrived in China on Wednesday, and he has taken on a large following of admirers who see him as a strong politician and business mogul who is wonderful at making deals.

Dai Xiang, a resident of the eastern province of Jiangsu, belongs to an online group of over 23,000 people who speak about news and commentary involving President Trump. Xiang stated, “He’s true to himself. He’s real, unlike other politicians.”

Trump has many Chinese supporters, in fact. They have called him “Uncle Trump,” “Grand Commander,” and “Donald the Strong.” Following Trump’s visit to the Forbidden City on Wednesday where he was accompanied by President Xi Jinping, a Trump fan posted to social media, “Long live Emperor Trump!”

Chinese fans have expressed praise towards Trump for his style, his skills as an entertainer, as well as his gutsy attitude which allows him to speak his mind. Chinese fans also appreciate that Trump is less inhibited than former American presidents when it comes to recognizing China as a world power. Trump sees China as an equal.

Trump has made sure to recognize China for their achievements and their value rather than pointing out weaknesses. He still brings American concerns to the forefront, but in a more respectful manner.

Trump has changed the way we approach China. Many Chinese people see President Trump as a familiar kind. He is a celebrity businessman who is very successful. Chinese websites praise Trump’s books such as “Trump Never Give Up.” It is believed that Trump’s skills as a businessman will greatly help him work out trade deals which will help China’s economy as well.

A 25-year-old designer named Li Yang explained, “As a successful businessman, Trump definitely won’t ignore the huge size of China’s consumer base.”

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Of course, not everyone is a fan of Donald Trump. Some Chinese are on his side as long as he is working to help their country.

Liu Chunyu, a 56-year-old delivery man stated, “If he’s doing good for China, I like him. If not, I don’t like him.”

Most people see him as a receptive man who is trying to help China.

A political commentator in Shanghai named Chen Jibing wrote a blog this week that explained that many Chinese people “have a strong revulsion and hostility toward ‘political correctness’ in Western society. They see themselves in Trump.”

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A lot of Chinese citizens were already familiar with Trump prior to his win in the 2016 Presidential Election because of his television show. They are also keen on the fact that his children are all extremely hard working and carry themselves with grace and dignity. The fact that Trump’s granddaughter, Arabella, speaks Mandarin sits well with the Chinese, because they feel that she is acknowledging their culture and showing respect. They did not feel this way about Obama and his family.

President Trump is making some great connections with people all over the world, especially people in China. Let’s hope he keeps up the great work.

H/T: Allen West

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