The Broward County Sheriff Has Been Exposed…


Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel in 2017 stated that “If you have a lone wolf assassin that’s committed to commit great carnage and killing people, there’s really nothing you can do about it.”

Sadly enough, his deputies did nothing about it, but he has also had his links to Hillary Clinton and other liberals exposed, which explains his sudden virulent anti-gun and anti-Trump position.

From Big League Politics:

Investigative journalist Laura Loomer revealed Saturday that the sheriff in Broward County, Florida pals around with prominent Democrats including Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders.

The sheriff, Scott Israel, is throwing objectivity to the wind and making a full-throated plea for gun control, which is earning him plaudits from national media including The Washington Post.

A senior at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School claimed that she saw and spoke with alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz at the scene of the crime while her school was being evacuated.

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