The Best Donald Trump Meme! You gotta Watch This!


As CNN continues to spread FAKE NEWS; the pro-Trump meme factories is gearing up for war.

This war started when President Trump tweeted a meme from a reddit user. The reddit user was so happy about this that he wrote: “Wow!! I never expected my meme to be retweeted by Trump himself.”

A CNN reporter tracked down the identity of the user. CNN declined to name the user, but said, somewhat mysteriously, that it “reserves the right” to publish his identity in the future if he continued to create offensive content.

CNN tried to clarified its intent, saying that it had “decided not to publish the name of the Reddit user out of concern for his safety,” but the battle had already begun. Right-wing Twitter users excoriated CNN for what they saw as a threat against the Reddit user, and the hashtag #CNNBlackmail began to spread as thousands of the network’s detractors began to pile on.

“A multibillion dollar TV network blackmailing a private citizen into not making funny videos about it is not journalism, CNN,” tweeted Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.

I am sure you have seen many memes on the internet, but you are about to see the best one so far.

if you want some more:

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