The America I love! Don Rickles Roasts Ronald Reagan, Hangs with Sinatra and…


Folks, let’s take a break from politics and bad news. Let’s go back few years and let’s remember the America we love.

Don Rickles passed away at the age of 90. He’s the last of a generation of brilliant comedy. Rickles managed to be politically incorrect while never going out of his way to be nasty. Which is odd, since most of his schtick was insults. Had SJWs and easily triggered snowflakes known that America began before January 2009, Rickles would be public enemy #1.

There are three clips on the YouTubes I’m particularly fond of.

Like his roast of then Governor Ronald Reagan.


Here’s Rickels on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Frank Sinatra. Sinatra tells a story about a prank Rickels played, and let’s just say Don Rickles was the only man on the planet who could get away with pranking Sinatra.


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