Thad McCotter: China’s Lies Cost Us 10 Million Jobs in Two Weeks


McCotter remarked, “Ten million people in two weeks, all because the Communist Party of China was not straight with the rest of the world, was concerned about covering their own sorry behinds rather than having the truth of the virus get out so people could deal with it and quell it in its tracks.”

Mcotter stated, “We’re talking about the protection of American strategic interests, the preservation of lives and livelihood against enemies, the United States. And one of the things that we have to understand is communist China believes that it is a rival model of governance to the United States and to our Western and free world allies.”

American news media outlets furthering Chinese propaganda harm efforts to control the viral pandemic, stated McCotter.

“What they’re doing now by rewriting history with a complicit American media to do it, is they’re trying to tell the world that somehow they’ve curtailed the virus, pretending they didn’t start it, pretending that somehow they’re spreading aid around the world to try to help others to fight, and that they’re they’re the good guy,” McCotter said.

“It is despicable to watch, and it should fall under its own weight, except we have a lot of American media trying to prop up that duplicitous narrative. It is unfortunate and the world is watching at the very same time. That is galling to anybody who cares about the truth and about the perpetuation of liberty throughout the rest of the world.”

McCotter likened contemporary news media alignment with the Chinese government to Walter Duranty’s 1930s disinformation campaign –published in the New York Times — in support of the Soviet Union’s forced famines.

“Unfortunately, a lot of the people today dealing with communist China are doing the same thing [as Walter Duranty], and many of them are doing it because of Trump derangement syndrome, where the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and because communist China is trying to make their numbers look better [with] the coronavirus,” McCotter observed. “It makes President Trump look bad, so the media parrots it.”

McCotter noted that many American companies and industries are financially invested in China, causing them to lobby on behalf of Chinese interests and against America’s national interest. He recalled China’s leveraging of its purchased political influence in America in the NBA, Hollywood, and news media.

Misinformation from the Chinese state compromises global efforts to control the coronavirus’ spread, determined McCotter.

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