Texas Supreme Court Halts Order Protecting Fleeing Democratic Lawmakers From Arrest


The Texas Supreme Court on Wednesday halted a Harris County judge’s order that protected Democratic lawmakers from arrest after they fled the state last month.

Texas Democrats fled Austin in order to prevent Republicans lawmakers from forming a quorum and passing controversial voting reform legislation.

“I’m disappointed in the decision by the Texas Supreme Court. We intend to fight this decision at the federal level,” Texas state Rep. Ron Reynolds told Fox News immediately following the court’s decision.

Roughly 25 Texas lawmakers have remained in Washington, D. C., but Democrats who returned to Texas are now under threat of arrest if they do not willingly return to the state legislature to establish a quorum.

If arrested, the lawmakers will not face criminal charges but will instead be brought to the Capitol in Austin and be forced to form a quorum, which will allow for the passage of … (Read more)

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