Texas Republicans Advance Plan To Penalize Cities That Defund Police


The Texas state House of Representatives approved a bill to financially penalize large Texan cities that defund police in a preliminary vote Thursday.

The state House advanced H. B. 1900, which would penalize cities that defund police if they have a population of over 250,000 people by allocating the city’s sales tax money to the Texas Department of Public Safety and be banned from increasing property tax rates, in a vote of 91-55, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Republican state Rep. Craig Goldman, the author of the bill, said the legislation will prevent cities in the state of Texas from defunding their police departments.

“As municipalities across this nation are defunding their police departments, are taking money away from the police budgets and putting them elsewhere in their city budgets, this bill makes sure that in the state of Texas, that is not going to be allowed,” Goldman said on the House floor Thursday.

Democratic state Rep. Richard Raymond, who co-authored the bill along with three Republicans, said the state needs to invest in training for law enforcement officers.

“You invest more in training our law enforcement officers, not less. That’s how you make it better,” Raymond said, according to the Houston Chronicle.

The only exception to defunding police departments is if the slash of funding is proportionate to the city’s overall budget decrease and if there is an increase in their expenses from underlying issues, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The state Senate passed a similar measure in April titled SB 23, sponsored by Republican state Sen. Joan Hoffman, that requires cities and to… (Read more)

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