Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: ‘We Are Building Our Own Border Wall’


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday that his state was forced to take action and develop its own border wall as President Biden continues to ignore the ongoing crisis at the U. S. southern border.

“Texas is stepping up and we are building our own border wall. That process has already begun,” Abbott told “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” We are in the process of getting bids on it and I am told to expect part of the Texas wall to be completed before the end of this calendar year.”

Abbott told  Carlson that he has also dispatched 6,500 National Guard and DPS [Department of Public Safety] troopers to the border to contain the surge in migrant caravans crossing into the U.S.

The agents have been tasked with identifying possible points of entry and installing razor wire to deter those who wish to ent… (Read more)

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