Texas Early Voting Data Suggests Hispanic Vote Shift To The GOP Continues


Early voting analysis in two primarily Hispanic counties along the Texas border suggests Republicans are outpacing Democrats in voter enthusiasm and perhaps turnout, and Hispanic politicians in the state tell Fox News that its indicative of a larger trend.

A report from the political consulting company Ryan Data & Research shows that Republicans are 76% of the way to matching 2018 turnout in Cameron County, Texas along the southern border with Mexico with eight days remaining until Election Day. In Hidalgo County, which also sits on the border with Mexico, turnout is 65% of the way to matching 2018.

On the Democrat side, the party is only 59% of the way to matching 2018 turnout in Cameron County and 47% of the way in Hidalgo County.

Hispanic political candidates and operatives in Texas told Fox News that the early data points to a larger trend of Hispanic voters, especially in the Rio Grande Valley, supporting Republican candidates in areas that have been predominantly controlled by Democrats for decades.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in Cameron, Hidalgo, and Willacy and all the counties in the valley, and there has just been a very different vibe with Republican voters,” Republican candidate for Texas Land Commissioner Ben Armenta told Fox News. “I meet with folks, and a high percentage of them are new, and they’re just engaged differently than they’ve been in the past.”

Armenta added that there is a “new” and “different energy” with Republican voters in the predominantly Hispanic Rio Grande Valley, where he believes that the Republican message of family values, border security and cracking down on crime is resonating with voters.

“It’s about the issues that are impacting their home,” Armenta said. “The issues that are impacting their pocket book, their schools, the crime in their neighborhoods. When as a Republican candidate, I’m talking to them and I just ask them even in the last 13 months of the Biden administration, ‘Are things better for you?’ The answer is, ‘No.’”

Armenta explained that Hispanic voters in South Texas are very much concerned about illegal immigration in their neighborhoods and support Republican efforts to secure the southern border.

“Border security is all about crime,” Armenta said. “These voters, the Latino voters, are legal citizens.

“These are people who, whether they are first generation or fifth or sixth generation Texans, came to the U. S. legally. I am a third generation Mexican-American. My grandparents came here legally, and there is a right way to go about doing this. This is an anti-crime stance that the homeowners, the property owners — they don’t want illegal immigrants and aliens and criminals crossing their property. They don’t want the destruction. They’re not being reimbursed by the federal government when their crops are destroyed, their fields are trampled.”

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Ivan Andarza, spokesman for Hispanic Republicans of Texas, agreed with Armenta and told Fox News that border security is an issue that has caused Hispanic voters to vote Republican.

“Drugs are coming across the border, cartels are using migrants to flood the border in a way where everybody is bogged down with them and everyone else runs across it,” Andarza said. “We’re living that down there, so when we hear that everything is fine on the border and we don’t need a border wall anymore, it’s just at odds with what people are living down there. That has kind of turbocharged the movement that was already happening with the way that Democrats have changed over the past few years.”

Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman, who is running in the Republican primary for Texas attorney general in next week’s election, explained to Fox News that Hispanic values are more in line with conservatism than the liberal orthodoxy of the Democratic Party.

“Hispanic values are Republican values, and… (Read more)

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