Texas Drug Dealer Set Free by Obama Just Got DEVASTATING News


Barack Obama commuted the sentences of more jailed criminals than any other president in US history.

But there’s a good reason many of those people were behind bars, as seen in the case of Robert M. Gill.

Gill, like 1,715 other prisoners, was set free early by Obama. He had been given a life sentence in 1990 for cocaine and heroin distribution.

But Obama thought he knew better than the courts. In the release order, he wrote of Gill and the other prisoners that they were being freed “because you have demonstrated the potential to turn your life around. … Now it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity.”

And guess what he did immediately after Obama let him walk the streets again?

Gill went right back to pushing drugs, despite now being 68, and presumably old enough to KNOW BETTER.

Well, it looks like Gill had about as much foresight as Obama, which is to say none.

Following a high-speed chase this week, police found over two pounds of cocaine in Gill’s vehicle.

And he’s on his way back to prison for another 40 years, or the rest of his life, whichever comes first…

Source: New York Post

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