Texas, 9 Other State Ags Sign Open Letter Against Jackson Supreme Court Nom: ‘Soft On Crime


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and his counterparts in nine other states on Monday signed an open letter to the U. S. Senate opposing Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson over what they say is a years-long record of going soft on criminals who possess child pornography.

The ten state attorneys general signed the letter to Chairman Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Ranking Member Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

In their letter, the state AGs alleged that Jackson, during her decade-long tenure as a federal district court judge, sentenced abusers far below accepted federal guidelines while casting victims aside.

They cited three court cases they say demonstrate Brown Jackson’s “unsettling history” of siding with “sexual predators.” They also pointed to a 1996 Harvard Law Review note in which she argued that community notification requirements for sex offenders were unfairly punitive toward criminals.

During her work on the U. S. Sentencing Commission, the AGs noted, Brown Jackson said the “current system of mandatory minimums,” as it relates to people who share images of child pornography, “may be excessively severe.”

The AGs said Jackson’s history of being soft on crime suggests, on a deeper level, a supposed “disdain for the recommendation of prosecutors and the political process.”

“[I]t’s an insult to the victims of child exploitation, who are revictimized every time one of Judge Jackson’s prematurely released criminals views, copies, shares or talks about those images,” the AGs wrote.

The attorneys general said Brown’s replacement of Justice Stephen Breyer isn’t merely replacing one liberal with another, but “replacing an old-school progressive with a modern leftist who had demonstrated…shocking leniency toward child pornographers.”

“The United States Senate should do its job and protect the American people from this dangerous nominee,” they said.

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