Terrorists TREMBLING, Check What Trump DID At GITMO … Obama’s Game is OVER!


We all know what Obama wanted to shut down Guantanamo.

Obama believed that the terrorist detention camp in Cuba was a drain on military resources and “undermined” America’s national security.

He argued that terrorists use Guantanamo as propaganda in order to recruit more fighters to their twisted cause. “Keeping this facility open in contrary to our values,” Obama said.

What a great lie! Obama just wanted to release more terrorists that came back to their home country to recruit and spread hate.

Obama promised to close the camp after he took office in 2009, but he has failed to fulfill his goal in the face of opposition from Congress.

Trump has a total different idea about Gitmo!

Gitmo gets a special gift from Trump. Obama’s photo has been taken down and Trump’s has been put up.

Trump has promised to keep Gitmo open and fill it with more terrorists. Trump told a crowd gathered inside a Nevada casino back in February. “Guantanamo Bay — which by the way, we are keeping open! And we’re going to load it up with some bad dudes. We’re going to load it up.”


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