Terrorist Enters Church, Threatens to Slaughter Christians Inside


France is once again on edge this week after a Muslim jihadist entered a church and threatened to slaughter all the Christians gathered there for Sunday mass.

The harrowing incident occurred in the town of Mantes-la-Jolie, where local Christians, including the mayor, seem to all attend church together at Val-Fourre.

That “huddle” mentality could very well be the result of the fact that the district where Mantes-la-Jolie is located is today 80 percent Muslim.

As this past weekend’s service was coming to an end, one of those Muslims, a man in his thirties, entered the sanctuary and threatened to “slaughter the faithful.”

The mainstream media attempted to brush off the incident by suggesting the man had an “imbalance.” But that didn’t stop locals from feeling that the situation in this “Christian” nation has gotten out of hand.

The, of course, there’s the point raised by Pamela Geller:

There is no news report on this story in English. Imagine if a Christian stormed a mosque during Friday prayers and threatened to slaughter the faithful. Of course, you can’t because because that never happens. But if it did it would be worldwide news.

She’s absolutely right. There is a disgraceful double standard at play that ultimately serves to put more lives at risk.

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