TERROR ALERT: German Air Force Intercepts Unresponsive Passenger Plane


Germany is understandably on edge. It has finally, after being left with no other choice, started taking action against the Muslim takeover of the country.

And that increases the likelihood of terrorist attacks on German soil.

The German Air Force wasn’t taking any changes when an Indian Jet Airways flight bound for London failed to establish contact while flying over Germany.

The German Air Force was immediately scrambled and intercepted the passenger plane.

The dramatic incident was caught on film by a trailing British Airways flight.

No doubt that was a harrowing experience for the passengers aboard the Indian Jet Airways flight.

The Times of India later reported that the plane failed to establish communication due to a technical malfunction.

But that’s the kind of error that can lead to tragic consequences with everyone so wary of the next major Muslim terrorist attack.

H/T Foxtrot Alpha

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