Teenage Girl Walks Into Hospital With a Machine Gun. What Happens Next? Unbelievable


We are just setting ourselves up.

The reaction of security staff and police after a young girl walked into a hospital carrying what looked like a loaded assault rifle should have folks very concerned.

The incident occurred in Randwick, Australia, where a clearly-Muslim girl wearing a hijab casually walked into the Prince of Wales Hospital brandishing what turned out to be a toy machine gun.

But, it looked real enough to have staff and hospital visitors freaking out.

Via The Daily Telegraph:

[A witness said that] despite her warnings, the young girl walked into the hospital cafe, leaving a woman on the information desk “freaking out”.

“(She called) security five times, she was very concerned, (she was) freaking out, poor lady.”

People commenting on the incident wondered if it was a test run for a real terrorist attack. If that’s the case, then there’s great cause for concern in terms of how local authorities have responded.

Police officials said the girl and her family were located and “spoken to,” but stressed that bringing a toy gun into a public place is not illegal.

Now, imagine a Christian fundamentalist did the same. Do you think the police response would be same?

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