Teen Brat Says Cop Raped Her, Now She’s Panicking Over What His Body Cam Shows


A teenage brat tried to accuse two police officers of sexual abuse in order to get out of trouble.

Logan Huysman, 18, was arrested along with two friends all of whom were found passed out in a parked car at a convenience store in Burlington.

As officers approached the vehicle and began rousing the teens, Huysman flew off the handle and violently resisted arrest.

Apparently aware that she was in some trouble, she later accused the officers of touching her inappropriately.

But what she was apparently UNAWARE of in her drug-induced state of mind is that officers these days are wearing body cameras.

Clearly, that girl was not raped, abused or touched inappropriately.

What is clear is that she belongs in jail.

H/T Mad World News

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